10 Best Oscar Dresses Ever


Mary Pickford

Beads bode well for Mary Pickford.
Beads bode well for Mary Pickford.

At the very first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929, silent film star Mary Pickford wore a fitted beaded gown that flared below her hips and that had a playful bow at her chest.

Pickford won the Oscar that year for Best Actress for her role in "Coquette." It was her first role in a talking movie.

After she passed away in 1979, her husband remarried and then subsequently passed away himself, leaving his estate (and Pickford's Oscar) to his new wife.

Pickford's Oscar has since been at the center of a long-standing controversy between its heirs' desire to sell it for charity and the Academy's desire to return it to a collection of other inherited or unwanted awards.