Top 10 2011 Trends We Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In


Fruit and Flower Hats for Men

Please don't make your man wear this hat.
Please don't make your man wear this hat.
Victor Boyko/Contributor/Getty Images

Hats are one of the fashion accessories that are routinely touted as being in for men.

Partly it's because hats are undeniably cool, but it's also because what other headwear are you going to have for men? Tiaras? Flowers? Fruit?

Yes, apparently all of the above.

It's been an unusually floral spring for men, and designers trying to push the bounds of masculine headwear have been tilting at some pretty fruit-covered windmills. That flowery elfin vibe we've been seeing on the catwalk clearly needs to remain there. It's one of those things that's going to look great in the spreads but completely outlandish anywhere else.

Embrace at your own peril.