Top 10 2011 Trends We Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In



Anyone who's ever worn a wetsuit knows how flatteringly neoprene shapes you. It's tight and strong, it evens out bulges, and it's at least half the reason why surfers look so fantastic. But there are just two problems with neoprene: It's incredibly hot to wear, and there's literally nothing that skintight neoprene complements besides skintight neoprene.

Since it was designed as an insulator, any part of you that's under neoprene is going to be basted in sweat. And because it sucks you in, neoprene plus any other fabric basically makes normal humans like us look like two different people sewn together. One half is svelte and athletic, the other is really into cinnamon rolls. Hats off to those who can rock it, though.