Top 10 2011 Trends We Wouldn't Be Caught Dead In

Jumpsuits and Rompers
We don't see the appeal of one-piece outfits.
We don't see the appeal of one-piece outfits.
Claire R. Greenway/Getty Images

Playsuits, jumpsuits and rompers are one-piece ensembles that the fashion world has killed and resurrected more times than Jason Voorhees has come back to life. And guess what's back for 2011?

While jumpsuits supposedly flatter certain body types, we have yet to see anyone pull them off. As far as we're concerned, they combine all the excitement of a pair of overalls with all the practicality of a hazmat suit. Why wouldn't we want to wear a one-piece sack that we have to take off to go to the bathroom? Oh wait, we remember. All those reasons we just said.

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