Style Changes for Life Changes

Different milestones in life may require a different fashion sense. See major life events and style changes for life changes.

You probably love that your kids wear a school uniform because it saves hassle and time in the morning. So why not create your own uniform?

Lisa is a new mom that likes to hide her baby weight in baggy clothes. Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear show Lisa how to dress for style, comfort, and convencience.

How should Elizabeth, a mommy-to-be in her third trimester dress if she doesn't want to wear maternity clothes? Let Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear show you.

Does the thought of dressing like a mom make you cringe? No worries. You won't have to buy a bedazzled cardigan. But a few practical wardrobe changes will make motherhood easier.

Fashion can be scary for a lot of people, but if you have a tween to help you navigate it, developing your style can be fun. Take some cues from her fashion sense -- and morph them into your own.

Just because you're now a mother, doesn't mean you've got to sport high-waisted jeans and a sweatshirt. On the other hand, your previous wardrobe might be too complicated for your new life. We've got some stylish yet comfortable solutions.

We've met with and moved forward from the big 4-0. We're all grown up. It's time to make some fashion changes that reflect our maturity. How can women in their 40s adapt to their changing lifestyle?

You can still be fun and flirty in your 30s, but your clothes should have a slightly more sophisticated feel and they should be more about your personal style than what's on trend at the moment. Check out our guide for more fashion tips.

Dressing younger doesn't make you look younger. In fact, it can have the opposite effect. What can you wear to look your best in your fifties?