Office Wardrobe Essentials

Office wardrobe essentials are important to make a good impression at the workplace. Get tips and learn more about what to wear to the office.

Is there another work event more fraught with awkwardness? Don't make it worse than it already is by wearing something ridiculous, like a light-up Christmas sweatshirt.

Need some business attire ideas? Check out our "What Not to Wear" business attire pictures to learn how to make the most of your shape and look professional.

It's official: Your days of visors and aprons are over. On Monday, you slip on the tights, tie back the hair and get started at your first office job. What should you have in your wardrobe that will make a splash?

If you invest in the right pieces, you can mix and match your way into a wardrobe for the whole week. Which basics should you buy for the office?

Tired of office grays? Bored with a wardrobe jammed with near-identical pantsuits? Looks like the time is ripe to start flexing your accessorizing muscles.

If ever there were a place to be concerned with appearances, it's at work. But when a dress code is as vague as "business casual," how does a woman know what's right and what's terribly wrong?

These 10 office wardrobe crimes will help you avoid office wardrobe don'ts. Find out if you've committed any of these fashion mistakes.