10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has more than looks and a killer bod. The guy's got style.
Ryan Gosling has more than looks and a killer bod. The guy's got style.
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Ryan Gosling is hot! There, we said it. But there's a lot more to this Hollywood hunk than his attractiveness. There's also his impressive acting ability, his charity work and, yes, his seemingly impeccable sense of fashion. While Gosling has had many trendy triumphs, he's also had some fashion flops. The man's only human, after all! If you're working to be a better dresser and want to learn from this celebrity's fashion wins and losses, we've got his 10 most notable style lessons to share.

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Pick a Tuxedo Over a Tuxedo T-Shirt

Ryan Gosling hasn't always been a Hollywood fashion icon. In 2006, he came to the premiere of his film "Half Nelson" wearing a tuxedo T-shirt. While you might appreciate the humor of his choice, don't take his action as fashion advice. If you have an important, formal event to attend and you want to make a good impression, go with the tuxedo over the tuxedo tee. This shirt hasn't been popular since the 1980s, and even then it was questionable.

While the classic tux is black and white, don't think that wearing these standard colors limits your options. You can choose a colored bow tie and other accessories you want to wear, and whatever happens, you certainly won't be underdressed!



When in Doubt, Wear a Suit

While this movie star may have floundered early in his career, he has since learned that it's better to dress up than down. Gosling has put away his tuxedo tee and opted for a well-tailored suit for most events with members of the press in attendance.

While a suit might not be as formal as a tuxedo, it's incredibly versatile because you can combine it with different shirts, ties and pocket squares. So if you want to dress like one of Hollywood's best but you don't have the cash to do it, invest in one suit that fits you well and wear it as many ways as you can. A single good suit will serve you better than several oddly-fitting or obviously inexpensive ones.



Keep It Slim

Slim, 1960s-style suits aren't for everyone, but they look great for those who can pull them off.
Slim, 1960s-style suits aren't for everyone, but they look great for those who can pull them off.
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If you really want to embrace Gosling's style, you'll want your suits to be slim-fitting. Many of the movie star's signature outfits are tailored in the style of the 1960s. These suits have shorter and slimmer jackets and trousers that bring more attention to a man's waist rather than just covering it up with fabric.

Because this kind of fit has become more popular in recent years, many stores have started carrying slim-fitting pieces, so don't just buy something in a smaller size. You want a suit that fits you well and doesn't look like it belongs to your younger brother.



Go for the Gray

Some of Gosling's most fashionable moments have featured a gray suit. While gray skies may signal a dreary day, this color means anything but in a well-tailored suit. There are so many shades of gray to choose from that you'll never feel limited. A lighter shade can be dressed up or down, with a tie or without, and is perfect for daytime events. A darker tone can be more formal when paired with a black tie and shoes. Gosling has looked spectacular in solid gray ensembles as well as gray plaids, so feel free to experiment with different looks.


Avoid Impractical Dress

Wearing just a tee in cold weather doesn't make you look tough or cool, and for the record, neither does smoking.
Wearing just a tee in cold weather doesn't make you look tough or cool, and for the record, neither does smoking.
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While Gosling often looks great on the red carpet, he's not always quite as fashion conscious when he's out on the town. In April 2011, he was in Toronto shopping for vintage clothes and wore a thin white undershirt with a heavy overcoat. This is a classic example of impractical dress. Is it cold enough for that coat, Ryan? You've only got a T-shirt on underneath it, and you haven't buttoned it up to keep you warm.

The lesson here is to dress practicality. Sure, you should try to look good, but dress seasonally and avoid wearing clothes that would make you obviously uncomfortable. Gosling was either stifling under the heavy coat or freezing in the tee. The clothing you wear should always make sense.



If You Look Like a Movie Star, You Can Pull Off Wearing Velvet

Fashion critics were impressed in 2010 and 2011 when Gosling wore velvet suits to various events for his film "Blue Valentine." The actor looked terrific in three shades of the furry fabric: blue, black and purple (yes, purple).

While these suits look great on Gosling, it's a bit hard to tell how they would translate to the average guy. Gosling is able to wear velvet without looking like he needs to be in an armchair smoking a pipe. He still looks like a movie star - -and maybe that's the key. We're not talking about attractiveness, here, though that's part of it. It takes charisma and charm to pull off wearing a fabric that's typically reserved for jester hats. But if you can do it, we say go for it.



Three Tie Options

Sometimes a guy doesn't even need a tie.
Sometimes a guy doesn't even need a tie.
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Gosling doesn't limit himself when it comes to neck accessories. He has three signature looks: no tie, skinny tie and bow tie. Gosling's multiple appearances on the red carpet without any necktie have shown us that a man can dress formally without anything strapped around his throat. If you want to steal his look, put on a slim-fitting suit and a crisp, white shirt and don't button it at the top. When you do want to wear a necktie, follow Gosling's lead and go with the skinny variety. Reserve bow ties for the most formal occasions (like when you wear a tux).


Trim Your Beard before Hitting the Red Carpet

Gosling is rarely without some facial hair. While a man doesn't need to have hairless skin to look good on the red carpet, he shouldn't give the impression that he lives alone in the woods. In his earlier, less fashionable days, Gosling showed up to formal events with an unkempt beard, and no matter how nice his suit was, his facial hair always distracted from his tailored clothing. Of course, Gosling still shows up to premieres and award shows with facial hair, but now he's more well-groomed. This look lets him keep a gruff appearance without distracting our attention.



You don't need a lot to stand out, even if you're standing on a red carpet.
You don't need a lot to stand out, even if you're standing on a red carpet.
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You don't need a lot of accessories to dress like a movie star. Gosling's style, for the most part, is simple. While some celebs pile on accessory items like hats, scarves and jewelry, Gosling doesn't. His fashion motto seems to be "less is more." To mimic his look, get rid of all the extras and invest in more minimalist clothes that fit you well. When you do add some accessories to your outfit, keep them simple. Avoid ornate items that draw a lot of attention -- your accessories should complement your outfit rather than take it over. Pick an indiscreet tie tack, for example, rather than one that will draw attention away from your suit.


Hit the Gym

To mimic Gosling's style, it helps to have a body that's shaped well. It makes a difference, after all, what's underneath the suit. As I mentioned earlier, the slim-fitting, 1960s-style suit brings attention to a man's waist. If you're self conscious about the size or look of your midsection, it may be time to hit the gym in order to dress like a movie star. Talk to a trainer about the right diet and exercise that can help you look best in the clothes you want to wear. A healthy routine will not only be good for your fashion, it will also be good for your body!


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