10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Rihanna


Short Frocks and High Heels Complement Long Legs

Most would agree that Rihanna's best assets are her shapely, toned legs. Although the singer is statuesque at 5 feet 8 inches tall, her infamous legs are often accentuated by stilettos and high heels designed by famous footwear mavens like Christian Louboutin, Diego Dolcini and Miu Miu. And when Rihanna's shopping for clothes, it seems that the shorter the dress, the better. The star is known to favor Herve Leger's short, curve-hugging bandage dresses, and the Zac Posen asymmetrical dress Rihanna wore to the 2007 American Music Awards brought major media attention to her mile-long legs. Although Rihanna has long been criticized by the press for being scantily clad, it's clear that her short hemlines are here to stay.

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