10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Michelle Obama

Don't Go Overboard

While many of Michelle Obama's favorite fashions are successful, some trends need to be toned down a bit. For example, the first lady has a love for flower print dresses, which she frequently wears during the spring and summer months. When she dons them on what seems to be a weekly basis, though, her frequent flower power starts seem like she's weighing everyone down with seasonal allergies. Sometimes, a quieter design (or no print at all) equals a calmer, fresher look.

The same can be said for her love of cardigan sweaters. While cardigans come in an endless variety of colors, styles and embellishments, we wish Mrs. Obama would mix things up a bit. How about trying short jackets or simple, elegant sweaters? No matter how much you like a certain look, once it's become tired and expected, it's time for a change.