10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Kate Middleton

Sheer Hosiery is Practical and Chic

Always a lady, Middleton often wears sheer hosiery with casual and formal dresses, no matter the time of day. While her long legs are the envy of many women all over the world, she often wears nude pantyhose as a classy accessory to further flatter her appearance. While gals in the United States begrudgingly wear hosiery if its required, the trend has definitely caught fire across the pond. From 2010 to 2011, L'eggs and Hanes reported that in the United Kingdom, sales have increased 85 percent for nude hosiery, and Middleton inarguably helped the trend take off.

Pantyhose can be flattering, as it smoothes skin and covers unsightly cellulite, bruises or veins, but be mindful to buy a hue that matches your skin tone. Middleton would never wear hose that made her legs stand out from the rest of her body!

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