10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Kate Middleton

It's OK to Wear an Outfit More than Once

Just because she lives at a royal residence and has her own personal dressmaker, the Duchess of Cambridge is like the rest of us in that she isn't above wearing an outfit more than once. She received media attention in 2011 for donning the same blue periwinkle Jacquard coat dress at the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday celebration that she first wore at a close friend's wedding in 2009. More recently, Middleton recycled the cream Reiss dress worn in her 2010 engagement photos on her 2011 North American tour with Prince William. She created a new look with red pumps, a red maple leaf hat and matching maple leaf brooch, all paying tribute to her Canadian hosts. When her engagement photos were released in 2010, the cream Reiss dress received so much attention with the public that it sold out on the designer's Web site the very same day.