10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Kate Middleton

Be True to your Individual Sense of Style
Kate Middleton has become a modern fashion icon because she doesn't follow trends -- she has her own distinctive style.
Kate Middleton has become a modern fashion icon because she doesn't follow trends -- she has her own distinctive style.
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Although many designers are knocking down the door of Clarence House for the chance to dress Kate Middleton, the down-to-earth Duchess of Cambridge has the reputation for staying true to her own sense of style, often choosing affordable clothing and accessories that she would've worn in her past life as a commoner. Middleton also has the reputation of collaborating with clothing designers to achieve a desired look. It's reported that she worked very closely with Sarah Burton to design her wedding gown, and even applied her own makeup the day of the royal wedding so that she would look natural. Unlike many royals before her, Middleton has refused the help of professional stylists in the past and opted to choose outfits on her own instead. The duchess has a knack for selecting garments that are comfortable, flattering and often glamorous -- all reflective of a unique sense of style that Kate Middleton can call her own.

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