10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Kate Middleton

Hats are the Best Accessory

For Kate Middleton, no outfit is complete without a hat or fascinator -- hair clips decorated with flowers, feathers or lace. While it's customary for most Brits to wear fashionable headwear at big events, Middleton's hats are often her most-talked-about accessories. She showed how fashion savvy she is when she helped design the Gina Foster hat she wore to the royal wedding of Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips, and the duchess's whimsical Vivien Sheriff Millinery fascinator made of pheasant feathers and velvet caused a splash as she and Prince William launched a lifeboat in Anglesey, Wales in 2011. However, not all of Middleton's headpieces have been well-received; she recently took flack from the press for wearing a black Whiteley Fischer felt beret to a friend's wedding. While many believe wearing black to a wedding is a fashion faux pas, we wonder if Middleton was actually starting a new trend.