10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn from Kanye West

Do Have a Close Friend Whose Opinion You Trust
It certainly doesn't hurt when one of your best friends is Jay-Z, who happens to also be considered one of the best dressed men on the planet.
It certainly doesn't hurt when one of your best friends is Jay-Z, who happens to also be considered one of the best dressed men on the planet.
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Or, to put it another way, don't underestimate the importance of hanging on to at least one trusted friend who tells you the truth about how you look...no matter how rich and famous you get.

We've already expressed our doubts about the Rambo headband with the fur vest. (Trust us on this: it's not a good look for anyone.) While we're all about self-expression, sometimes there's no substitute for a 360-degree mirror and a quizzical look or a few loud guffaws from a true friend.

Even Kanye gets it wrong sometimes, as when he showed up for the 2006 Grammy Awards wearing a comically oversized white jacket over a red disco style shirt, which he left unbuttoned to the navel. Black leather gloves, a gold medallion and a heavy gold bracelet only added to the costume-like vibe, and even a sharp pair of aviators couldn't rescue the look. Was the getup intended as a joke or some sort of statement? We'll never know. But if you choose to copy this particular Kanye ensemble, you might want to call a friend before you leave the house.

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