10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From Justin Timberlake

Get Inspired

Where fashion is concerned, it never hurts to be inspired by someone who clearly knows what he (or she) is doing. Who does Justin look to for inspiration? The style icon who gets JT's creative juices flowing is none other than Kate Moss. Here's what he has to say about her: "She looks good in anything. She would look good in one of your T-shirts, in her T-shirt, in a man's suit, in a huge gown. She even makes nude look stylish...She could put a barrel on and it would be some sort of statement." What other fashion icons inspire him? He's learned lessons from the examples set by Elvis (in the early years), Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Johnny Cash, among others.

JT is pretty inspirational when it comes to all things sartorial, so consider watching his fashion lead and making some of his ideas your own.