10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From 'Dancing With the Stars'


Take a Chance!

Regular male celebrities often look so boring on the red carpet. Sure, they've got chiseled features, but they're sporting tired old tuxedos.

"DWTS" celebs really know how to bring it. Their costumes are hip, hot and functional (you can't lift a woman terribly high if you're in unforgiving fabric). Fashion-forward celebs would be wise to take a cue from "DWTS" contestants like Hines Ward, who recently donned a costume with banana yellow accents (as a nod to his Pittsburgh Steeler fans), and looked hot doing it. Normally, that shade is hard to work, but confidence -- both on and off the dance floor -- helped Hines pull it off beautifully. Of course, it didn't hurt that he was color-coordinated with his equally stunning partner.

This same concept applies to women, too. Risk-takers sometimes end up in outfits best described as "fashion fails," but shaking up things a bit is what makes life exciting. So, let those creative juices flow -- you might even become an unwitting trendsetter!