10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From 'Dancing With the Stars'


Spandex Saves

The vast majority of normal humans have a bit of extra flesh here or there that they'd prefer to keep hidden. Those of us with a penchant for fitted clothing often find that more snugly fitting garments leave precious little to the imagination. Fortunately, compression pieces incorporating the miracle material that is spandex are available to smooth out virtually every area of your body. (Except your face -- surgery, Botox and pricey skin creams are still the only options for that).

Typically, the main problem areas (thighs, belly, butt and hips) can sport spandex items without anyone being the wiser; the region is easily covered by your clothing or "DWTS"-inspired costume. Of course, you won't be sporting a midriff-baring ensemble with one of these miracle-workers underneath, but honestly, those outfits are best left to 20-year-olds or professional models, anyway.