10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From 'Dancing With the Stars'


High Heel Havoc

Is there anything sexier than a super-high heel paired with a skirt that shows just enough (but not too much) leg? Probably not. And is there anything more excruciating than wearing those heels for hours at a time? Again, probably not.

The day that comfortable, affordable heels are made available to the general public, I'll be the first one out on that dance floor, trying not to twist my ankle. Until then, most stage dancers will tell you that it's easier on your feet to wear a lower, thicker heel than you think is fashionable. Extremely high heels are not only uncomfortable to wear and dance in, they're also in constant danger of snapping like twigs under the stress of all those pirouettes and turns. They're simply not constructed for serious dancing.

By and large, "DWTS" contestants wear sturdy, reliable footwear, but even the occasional dance shoe can crumple under the intensity of the competition. Kirstie Alley made headlines when her foot came out of her heel mid-performance. Whether you chalk it up to a sizing error or a defective pair of shoes, it pays to double- or triple-check your footwear's fit -- whether you're workin' it on the dance floor or simply workin' 9 to 5.