10 Fashion Lessons We Can Learn From 'Dancing With the Stars'

Ah, "DWTS" style. Monochromatic and glittery -- we love it!
Ah, "DWTS" style. Monochromatic and glittery -- we love it!
Joey Foley/FilmMagic/Getty Images

We might not all be able to twirl on our tippy-toes or rhumba like the cast of any given season of "Dancing With the Stars" (aka "DWTS"), but nothing's holding us back from dressing the part if the mood so strikes us!Those of you with a little bit of stage experience undoubtedly have an old Caboodle stuffed to bursting with makeup, hair styling goo and more costume jewelry than you can shake a stiletto at.

Before you re-invent yourself into a glamour queen or simply attempt to translate "DWTS" style into your day-to-day wardrobe, take a look at these 10 lessons we've learned from watching all 400 seasons of the popular show. Failure to do so could result in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations that we're sure you'd rather avoid!


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