What fashions work for women with curves?

Dressing the Apple-Shaped Lady

If you have an apple-shaped figure, you're fuller and curvier around the middle. You may also have an ample chest. You have thin legs and likely a flat rear.

Emphasize your bust and legs, so that you draw attention away from your middle. Camouflage your belly area as much as possible.

Women with apple-shaped figures should:

  • Limit patterned fabrics to skirts and pants.
  • Wear short skirts that make the most of your slim legs.
  • Draw attention to a full bust by wearing V-neck tops.
  • Wear A-line skirts to help your bottom look more in proportion with your top.
  • Wear pants with back pockets to make your rear look less flat.
  • Wear tops and dresses with dropped waists that hit below your true waist (and below your belly).
  • Wear single-breasted jackets -- and leave them unbuttoned.
  • Wear solid-colored clothes. Monochromatic outfits can help make you look longer and slimmer.

Don'ts for the apple body shape include:

  • Horizontal prints
  • Tight pants
  • Pants with pleated fronts
  • Jackets or tops that end at the waist.

Whatever your body type, you should celebrate your curves. Don't try to hide them -- just learn how to make the most of what you have. Nobody's shape is perfect, but smart women learn how to accentuate the positive and minimize the negative.

Read on for lots more information on women's fashion.

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