What fashions work for women with curves?

Dressing the Funnel-Shaped Lady

If you're a funnel-shaped woman, your curves are mostly at your chest. You're blessed with slim hips, legs and thighs that make other women envious. Dress to draw attention to your legs and make yourself look a little longer. Use the shape and color of your clothes to make your larger upper body look more in balance with your slimmer lower half.

Funnel-shaped ladies should:

  • Try open-neck and V-neck tops.
  • Match those tops with long necklaces that help elongate your neck.
  • Look for clothes with lines and patterns that add vertical interest above your waist.
  • Wear short skirts to show off your long legs.
  • Wear shoes with a little heel to further emphasize your legs.
  • Remember that darker colors make you look smaller, and lighter colors make you look
  • larger. Darker tops and lighter skirts or pants may work well for you.
  • Wearing clothes of all one color is another good strategy. That can make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Wear skirts that flare to balance your wider top. Flared-leg pants can achieve the same effect.
  • Wear longish jackets and tops to help lengthen your entire look.

Fashion "don'ts" for the Funnel body type includes:

  • Wide belts
  • Double-breasted jackets
  • Baggy tops that will further enlarge your top half
  • Big collars with large lapels
  • Clingy tops
  • Low-rise jeans
  • Bright colors and bold prints
  • Horizontal prints