What are the hot back-to-school clothes for teens?

2011 Fashion Trends for Teenagers

We've given you some hints and suggestions. Now let's look at the styles you're most likely to see when you hit the stores.

  • Pick a color - Some of the big colors for fall are crimson (and luscious ruby), persimmon, marigold, deep green, bronze, plum, gray, copper and sienna.
  • Novelty fur in coats, jackets and tunics - They can be long and shaggy or plush and realistic, but your wardrobe won't be complete without at least one faux fur accessory. If this one doesn't appeal to you, even a wool coat or jacket with a removable fur collar will work.
  • Retro prints in patterns and colors from the 1960s and 1970s - If you like orange, green, brown and aquamarine in swirls, flowers and simple geometrics, you'll be right at home.
  • Animal prints - They look so natural and they're easy to incorporate effortlessly into your dressing. Use them in tops and accessories if looking like a big cat on the prowl seems a little too obvious for you. Hint: If you want an outstanding accent, pair snakeskin with an otherwise neutral outfit for a fierce bite.
  • Big knits in sweaters, coats and vests - By big we mean thick and with a large weave. You'll probably be able to find flat knits, but the look here is bold and fluffy. If you've ever missed your favorite fuzzy blanket, this cuddle-up was made with you in mind.
  • Lots of dots in everything from handbags to jewelry - They'll be soooo prominent in stores this fall that you'll be seeing dots in your sleep. Oh, sorry -- those are your new sheets.
  • Tunics with pants - Tunics are definitely in this year. Paired with pants and a lacey top, they are a safe but definitely elegant choice.
  • Dramatic layering - This isn't sloppy styling. It's a pulled together look that coordinates prints, colors and textures to show off your wardrobe smarts. Buy quality layering pieces like scarves and vests, and make them count.
  • Large- and small-scale plaids (sometimes mix and match) - This isn't Professor McGonagall's tartan plaid coat. These plaids are bright and vivacious.
  • Ponchos and capes - In knits and fine outerwear fabrics like wool and cashmere, capes, cape coats and ponchos have a wonderfully fluid silhouette you'll love. They can also be totally comfortable and look energetic and graceful.
  • Statement coats - Long and slenderizing, these coats look like they cost a fortune -- and sometimes they do. With wide-legged pants (another of this year's trends), or a kicky short skirt, they look spectacular.

It's a new year, and one nice thing about going back to school (yes, there is something good about it) is that you can reinvent your style. Retro, preppy, edgy and classically elegant are all great looks for back to school this season, and one of them is bound to fit the new you.

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