What are the hot back-to-school clothes for teens?

These kids are ready to hit the runways of high school.
These kids are ready to hit the runways of high school.

If you want to develop your own personal style, this fall is the time to do it. Fall fashions haven't been this colorful, classic, retro, dramatic, flashy or furry in a while, and whatever you think your personal style happens to be, you won't have any trouble finding a sheer skirt, gilet vest, chubby (but adorable) coat or waxed jeans to show off your best assets.

Jeans are big, but then aren't they always? Skinny, bell bottom or retro jeans in classic denim will get you in the door, but to get noticed, try the new slick, resin-coated jeans in rainbow colors. If you've been working on more than just your tan during the summer months, put some shimmer where your curves are in jeans with divine shine.

But jeans aren't all that's hot this fall season. There's a whole new world of fashion (and some styles that are making a comeback) for your teen to get his or her hands on. On the next page, we'll tell you what are some of the must-haves, and we even have a few tips about how to style them to make the most of your outfit!