Show Your Curves: Fashion Trends for the Plus-sized

Find the right trend for your body type.
Find the right trend for your body type.
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If you've ever gone out looking for the perfect outfit only to come home empty-handed, you know how difficult shopping can be. Finding fashionable clothing is never easy, especially when you're plus-sized.

Many of us tend to follow the fashion craze of the moment, but it's important to remember that not every look is right for every person. The key is to find trends that complement both your body and style, so you'll look and feel great, regardless of your size!


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Wear Outfits with One Color Tone

Wearing an outfit with a monochromatic color scheme will visually trim your figure. Try slipping into a grey A-line dress or a black camisole layered with a black sweater and you'll be surprised by the effect it has on your overall look. Vibrant hues will work too, as long as you don't mind being the center of attention. Bright colors like red and yellow scream "Look at me!", so don't go out for a night on the town expecting to blend in. You should never be bashful about adding a splash of color, though, near your face. It will draw people's eyes up and keep everyone focused on your beautiful smile.



Accentuate the areas of your body you want to show off with striking and attention-grabbing accessories. Wear a wide belt to cinch your waist and emphasize those curvy hips. Go for chunky, bold statement pieces that draw attention to your best assets, so if you have gorgeous eyes, wear earrings that make them pop!

Avoid thin or delicate jewelry, as these items will simply make you look larger. If you aren't a huge fan of your arms or wrists, steer clear of bracelets. Handbags are also a great accessory, but make sure to buy ones that are in proportion to your body, as small purses (and accessories in general) tend to emphasize the faults of ladies with larger frames.



Wear Heels

High heels elongate your body, making you seem taller and leaner. The added height will help balance your hips and lengthen your legs. Wear pointed-toed shoes rather than round or square-toed pairs to emphasize your limbs' new long, lean appearance, and steer clear of ankle straps and buckles, as they visually shorten the length of your legs. What about those super-skinny stilettos in the back of your closet, you ask? You may want to give them to a friend, as those too-thin heels could make you look unbalanced and out of proportion.


Keep It Simple with Patterns

A pattern's size is just as important as its design.
A pattern's size is just as important as its design.
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Patterns can work to your advantage if worn correctly, but they should be scaled to your body. Miniscule patterns seem to disappear when placed on larger frames, and oversized designs will visually inflate your body, making you seem larger than you are. Use carefully proportioned patterns to your advantage by wearing them on areas where you want people to look. If you have a heavy chest and want to draw eyes away from it, you might not want to put on that busy floral top your friend gave you for your birthday. A column of colorful, etched bracelets, on the other hand, will call attention to your fabulous arms.


Don't Be Afraid of Layers

Beware of layers that hang too loosely.
Beware of layers that hang too loosely.
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If done properly, layers can make your midsection seem smaller and accentuate your curves beautifully. Use light and dark colors to your advantage by wearing darker tones on the areas you want to de-emphasize. Wear a fitted piece such as a tailored jacket or cropped cardigan as your top layer, or choose pieces with an empire waist, a belt or well-placed darts to add a bit of flirty and fitted flair. Steer clear of pleats, layers that hang off your body or are too big for your frame -- it will only make you appear larger than you really are.


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