10 Back to School Fashion Tips for 2012


New Styles for Your Noggin!

Leighton Meester wears a pretty hairband on the set of "Gossip Girls."
Leighton Meester wears a pretty hairband on the set of "Gossip Girls."
James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

When you think fashion, you probably think from the neck down, but your head is more than just a hat rack -- it's a fashion statement. Headwear is changing in 2012, and here are some of the pieces that you'll want to peruse:

  • Beanie caps: It's no wonder that knitted caps, whether made by you, Grandma or The Gap, are a popular headwear item this year -- they tie into the I-stole-this-from-my-boyfriend look. Pull this cap over your hair, letting little tendrils show through on the sides, for a fun, flirty look that's not just for warmth.
  • Flowered Headbands: Once again, we can thank the CW's "Gossip Girl" for this fashion trend. Used by Blair Waldorf and her friends as a way to jazz up their private school uniforms, flowered headbands have gone mainstream. They brighten up your outfit and can be used for a formal occasion or a casual day out.
  • All That Glitters: In this case, it's definitely not gold; it's sparkly hair pins. Incorporating colors like gold, black or platinum, these hair pins can be worn alone or with several at a time. You can even alternate sizes. Use hairspray for a look that won't move, as you place these on the side opposite your part.