10 Back to School Fashion Tips for 2012


Jazz it up in Jeans

You can't discuss fashion without mentioning denim, a staple that keeps reinventing itself. For 2012, skinny jeans are as popular as ever. Now, you don't have to be skinny to wear these. Skinny jeans can work with almost any figure type because they flatten and smooth out your bottom half; consider them Spanx you wear on the outside! And these skinny jeans are versatile -- long cardigans, blazers, hoodies, and that standard button-down shirt are great partners for them. As for shoes, wear flip-flops, stilettos, boots or sneakers.

Boyfriend jeans are another popular denim style for 2012. The antithesis of skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans are roomy, comfortable and casual. Since these jeans are loose and conceal more of your figure, you'll want to pair them with a slim-looking top or a fitted layered look. After all, a head-to-toe boxy look won't make you look stylish; it'll make you look like a box.

Another 2012 style that will be seen in schools everywhere is denim leggings, or jeggings. Jeggings are stylish yet comfortable -- no worries about squeezing into your favorite denims because these jeans are soft and stretchy. Like leggings, these jeans go with almost anything -- big sweaters, oversized blouses, jackets and hoodies.

For 2012, these are three options for your closet that won't steer you wrong. Another great option? Prints!