10 Back to School Fashion Tips for 2012

Finish Your Look with Fancy Footwear
Brightly colored sneakers are everywhere this year.
Brightly colored sneakers are everywhere this year.
Garry Gay/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Boots have already on our style list, but what other kicks will classmates show off in 2012?

  • Brightly colored sneakers may have you reaching for your sunglasses to cut down on the glare! Pair neon green or yellow high tops with your favorite pair of jeans and a casual cotton Tor hoodie.
  • Ballet flats are no longer just for arabesques; this fashion staple has been around for a while but has some new twists this year. Try bright patent leather in a bold red or blue to add excitement to a casual outfit or extra flare to a dressier look. Or, go jungle fever with an animal print on your prima ballerina flats. It's a stylish but understated way to embrace the prints craze (see Tip #8).
  • For those who want to bare a little more, colorful sandals make a splash in 2012. Trendy pastels like pale aqua, light yellow and rose will be in style, but the recurring fashion theme of bright, bold colors for 2012 will show in sandal wear as well. Sandals will shine with metallics, gold and silver sheens -- and don't be surprised if you see extra accents like lacing, rivets, buckles and braids.

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