5 New Back-to-School Trends for 2011

Move Beyond the Superhero
This vintage find would look ultra-modern with figure-hugging skinny jeans.
This vintage find would look ultra-modern with figure-hugging skinny jeans.
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Your best bet for new fall fashion? The cape. If you spent your summer watching movies like we did, you know why we're ready to nail this new trend. Everywhere we looked -- from superheroes and villains to superstars -- the cape was king.

You can commandeer the caped look with a glam twist: tie-front capes in military-inspired solids or classic plaids, perfect for adding texture to fall-friendly layers. A cape with a single-breasted button closure gives a preppy feel, while a high collar or hood lend sophistication. Plus, a cape is much hipper than a puffy coat. (Who looks good in those, anyway?)

Girls, just be sure to pair the cape with skinny jeans and tall boots or sleek flats to avoid looking overwhelmed by loose clothes. Then accessorize with a two-tone handbag -- another hot back-to-school item.

Guys, you can wear a cape coat, too. But if you're not willing to risk the trend, give it a guys-only tweak: the badass duster. You know, the long coat that's part-and-parcel of many superhero/cowboy getups. It's more intimidating than a cape, and more practical, too.

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