How to Pick Your Daughter's First Perfume

Tips for Picking Your Daughter's First Perfume

Depending on your daughter's age and personality, she might want to pick out her perfume. If she's expressed a general interest in perfume and doesn't seem to have a preference for a particular kind, she'd probably love a surprise. For some little girls, it's just the concept (and the pretty bottle) that matters. She might not care exactly what the perfume smells like as long as she can have a good time spraying it on -- and if Justin Bieber's face is on the package.

But if she's a budding control freak who tends to have strong opinions, you'll probably want to take her shopping with you. This can be a really fun trip -- you don't necessarily have to go to the drugstore for cheap teenybopper scents or search out a fragrance that's just for kids. If you're feeling adventurous, go to a "real" perfume store and start testing! You'll obviously want to avoid very heavy scents and anything that seems overtly sexual or too grown-up, but you'll probably find plenty of light fragrances that she can enjoy.

Once you're home with your purchase, you'll definitely want to give your daughter a lesson in the art of perfume application. "Less is more" is the prime concept here -- she doesn't need to bathe in the stuff. Teach her that a couple of carefully placed spritzes is probably enough for the whole day.

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