How to Pick a Fragrance for Your Guy

Tips for Picking the Right Fragrance for Your Guy

Guys don't approach personal scent selection the way women do. They're less likely to think of cologne as a signature element that defines their style. When your guy thinks of a good cologne, he probably envisions something that works for you but isn't too girly. If he's a bargain hunter, he'll also likely embrace a product offered at a friendly price.

We don't want to burst anyone's bubble here, but where a woman may shop for the perfect perfume to complement her essence, a guy is probably looking for something convenient and economical that won't embarrass him the next time he has to wear it in front of his bros. Pizza is indispensable, but cologne isn't -- not to the average guy, anyway. Keeping these important distinctions in mind, here are some tips for choosing the right fragrance for your fella:

Take a look in his bathroom -- If he chooses his own toiletries and isn't motivated exclusively by price, his shampoo and other personal grooming products may give you an idea about what he thinks a guy should smell like.

Keep it in budget -- He may think that bottle of expensive scent is a touching thought until he shops for a refill and discovers it costs more than his grooming budget for the next six months. If he isn't into extravagance, don't encourage an indulgence he'll resent later.

Discover his scent passions -- Although male fragrances differ from most feminine scents, they both still contain distinctive elements like citrus, flowers (like lavender), sandalwood, forest scents, licorice or wood smoke. Paying attention to his preferences will help you distinguish the scent category he prefers. If he likes your lavender hand lotion or the woodsy aroma coming from the holiday candles, remember his olfactory favorites. Armed with that information, you're more likely to choose a new fragrance he'll enjoy.

Consider the intensity level -- If you've noticed your guy tends to pour on the cologne a bit strong, choose a subtle fragrance. Musky and woody fragrances tend to be more robust than citrusy or even spicy ones. All male fragrance products aren't created equal, either. Scented aftershaves and eau de colognes are less concentrated than eau de toilette products and will dissipate more quickly. They're usually less expensive, too.

Take him shopping with you -- A fragrance will change slightly based on the body chemistry of the person wearing it. A tendency to perspire, an inclination to prefer onions on his burgers or even the medications he's taking can affect the fragrance you have in mind for him. The most foolproof way to choose the right scent is to take him shopping with you. He doesn't have to sit (or stand) through a long perusal of a dozen potential cologne candidates, though. Instead, perform some advance recon and narrow the field to two or three fragrances. Invite him to accompany you for the final selection. Take the time to apply each cologne and wait around 30 minutes to see how the scent reacts to his body chemistry. It's the ultimate test of a fragrance. Hey, make a day of it. He'll like the attention and love the way he smells for you.

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