5 Surprising Scents Used in Body Fragrances



A Stilton cheese is checked for veining at the Cropwell Bishop Creamery near Nottingham, England.
A Stilton cheese is checked for veining at the Cropwell Bishop Creamery near Nottingham, England.
Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

In the world of fine cheeses, if it stinks, it's really good. Thus, we suppose, Eau de Stilton.

Introduced by the Stilton Cheese Makers Association in 2006, the fragrance mimics the pungent bleu cheese produced in England. While it was never mass-produced, samples of the perfume were sold via the SCMA Web site.

More surprising, though, than Eau de Stilton is that Eau de Stilton isn't the only cheese fragrance on the books. Cheez-It crackers, too, has its own scent (though not one produced by the cracker's manufacturer), and you'll find at least one variety of ham-and-cheese perfume, which also comes as a body oil.

Perhaps, in the end, there's something logical at work here. Cheese, on its own, is an odd way to go; however, viewed as a whole, what you've got is cheese, beer, burgers, apple pie and a smoke ... sounds like a meal that might kill you, but not before it deeply, naughtily satisfies. Maybe this "alternative perfume" thing is not that mind-boggling after all.

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