5 Fragrances for 40somethings

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

It's hard to imagine Dolce & Gabbana turning out a product that isn't completely awesome. Light Blue is no exception, as relayed to me by Susan Lewis, 45, of Kennesaw, Ga., who enjoys the calming effects of the eau de toilette spray. Since she's a teacher, she probably really needs it!

"When I get a whiff of the scent it takes me down a notch if I'm having a stressful day," explains Susan.

So, how is that possible, you ask? Dolce & Gabbana have worked diligently to channel the joys of Mediterranean living via the fragrance. This is an obvious perk, since I've pretty much never met anyone who dislikes the Mediterranean.

Light Blue is described by Dolce as a scent that's light enough for daytime use, but full enough for evening wear. It owes its calming fragrance to a combination of musk, apple, jasmine and rose notes. Dolce & Gabbana is often regarded as a powerhouse in the fashion industry, so it's pleasantly surprising that the Italian company has produced such a successful fragrance that's light years from being snobby or high-fashion.

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