5 Benefits of Body Oils

More Economical Than Lotions

In addition to the many physical and emotional benefits of body oils, making the switch to body oils can save you money. This might seem contradictory because the best body oils are more expensive than lotions, but remember that a little body oil goes a long way.

To moisturize skin effectively and create a pleasant massage experience, use just a little bit of oil to cover a lot of skin. While it might take several pumps of body lotion to quench your skin's thirst, a tiny dollop of body oil will be sufficient in covering most of your body.

To maximize your body oil purchase, apply oil to your skin after a shower. This way, your skin will still be damp and absorb the moisture of the body oil more quickly and effectively. Also, if you warm your body oil on a low setting in the microwave or in your hands before you apply it to your skin, it will become lighter and cover more area, so that you'll end up using less during each application.

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