10 Sources for Exotic Fragrances



Jasmine, like sandalwood, is an incredibly popular oil. In fact, jasmine is likely the most commonly used oil in fragrances, and there's even an old saying that no perfume is complete without it. Many species of jasmine exist, but the type that perfumers love grows as a vine and has white flowers with a full and honeylike scent. The essential oil of jasmine is said to have sensual properties and has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac. Jasmine flowers are very delicate (they last for a day), and this makes extracting their oil extremely difficult. The plant also only produces a few flowers at a time. Because it's hard to get the essential oil without damaging the flower, chemists often try to mimic the pleasurable scent of jasmine synthetically. Most perfumes contain this man-made jasmine aroma because the actual essential oil is so costly to obtain.