Top 10 Scents Used in Women's Body Products

The ability to calm is a beautiful thing.
The ability to calm is a beautiful thing.
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Lavender is a lot like the little black dress -- it's always appropriate and it goes with everything, which would explain why it's ubiquitous in body care products these days. The lavender plant is known for its heady but not overly sweet floral fragrance. It stands well on its own but mixes well with just about every other scent you can think of. And what makes it so interesting is that the nature of the scent changes depending on what it's combined with. When mixed with mint, it softens the sharper qualities of the menthol, but it boosts the light notes of citrus oils. Lavender is widely available as an affordable essential oil and beyond having calming properties, it's also an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

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