Spring Shoe Trends: Love or Hate?

Dominique Charriau/WireImage

There's some head shaking going on as we try to figure out how to describe this spring's booties. They're kind of like Victorian ladies boots combined with a more modern, risqué style. Corsetlike, lace-up uppers or busy, all-over animal prints replace the sturdy black leather of yesteryear. Combine that with a seasonally confused construction -- they cover your entire foot, up to and including the ankle, but many let a couple of toes peep out -- booties are a footwear faux pas just waiting to pounce. They seem to be trying to fill a transitional role between cold and warm seasons, but they haven't quite succeeded. If you wear booties with dresses, your legs look short. If you wear them with pants, you hide their novelty. The verdict around here: We love boots, hate booties.

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