Guide to Retro-styled Bags

Retro Style: Bohemian

Halle Berry carries a '70s-inspired oversized bag.
Halle Berry carries a '70s-inspired oversized bag.
David Aguilera/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic

When the bras came off, bust lines weren't the only things hangin' loose.

As the '50s gave way to the '60s and the '60s gave way to the '70s, women were changing -- and changing their handbags. The free-wheeling, go-everywhere woman had stuff to carry.

Enter giant, floppy "hobo bags" and cross-body slings with room, lots of room. And not only in leather but also in bright, cotton prints, hand knits and macramé. Today's unstructured hobo bags are throwbacks to the free-spirited fashion of the bohemian '70s (just refrain from pairing your boho bag with bellbottoms, platforms and a head scarf, since matchy-matchy throwbacks can look like a costume).

These retro bags are everywhere right now. You can pick one up for practically nothing or even make your own -- slings are one of the easiest types of bags to DIY.

Another retro style began as something of a Victorian-era DIY.