Fall Shoe Trend Guide

Shoes -- Reinventing the Classics

You can't go wrong with kitten heels.
You can't go wrong with kitten heels.

If you think boots hide your best assets, you'll love the new shoe styles:

  • Kitten heels -- These diminutive heels are feminine, delicate and popping up everywhere in shoes with sparkling finishes or soft fabrics. They're the opposite of what we're seeing with most boot styles -- buckled and brassy without a frill in sight. These low-heeled shoes will remind you that you're still allowed to be a girlie girl once in a while.
  • Wedges -- Both low and high wedges are still showing, but this may be a shoe fashion that's on the fast track to the back of your closet.
  • Stiletto heels -- Although this heel style is always flattering, every year sees some increased elevation with the resulting risks involved. This season is no different. You'll find skinny heels with boot and shoe fashions as well as with rounded and pointy-toed styling.
  • Platform high heels -- As if exaggerated heel heights weren't enough to make those skirts and pants look amazing, this year we're also seeing stiletto high heels with platform shoes. They're high, sometimes very, very high, and even though they can look dramatic and may eliminate the need to have your new pants hemmed, use some restraint. Some of these over-the-height-limit shoes are a broken ankle waiting to happen.
  • Chunky heels -- We said chunky not clunky. Where stiletto heels look sexy and sophisticated, chunky high heels can carry this year's tailored looks in suits and coats without appearing mannish. They're surprisingly feminine given their overall girth, and they have the added advantage of being much more stable to walk on than their narrower-heeled counterparts.
  • Mix and match colors -- If you love dramatic dressing, these two-toned shoes on steroids may be just for you. In bold contrasting colors, you'll see shoes sporting heels, straps or buckles in shades so different from the rest of the shoe that they look like someone stepped in a bucket of paint. They're brash and make a great focal point if you're up to the challenge.
  • Pointed and rounded toes -- We're seeing both toe styles in shoes this year, but you'll probably find that the pointed-toe options are somewhat exaggerated, with toe-pinching points that make a romantic walk in the moonlight more toe torture than it's worth.

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