Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans

Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans: Sporting Athletic Shoes

Actress Pauley Parette rocks a pair of Converse sneakers with her skinny jeans.
Actress Pauley Parette rocks a pair of Converse sneakers with her skinny jeans.
Noel Vasquez/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Athletic shoes and sneakers sound like a natural with skinny jeans, but you'll run into problems if you just throw on your favorite lace-ups and head out for a day of casual fun. The universe of athletic shoe design can be complex and maybe even a little intimidating. If you've ever had to put new shoelaces into a pair of high-tops, you know what we mean.

A big, complicated athletic shoe can be a lot for a pair of tight pants to carry without looking bottom heavy. Add two-toned styles, spangles, puffy padding, or thick soles, and you might as well wear woodland creature-inspired fuzzy slippers on your feet.

When you want to wear an athletic sporting shoe with skinny jeans, less is almost always more. Some enterprising shoe fashion DIYers leave the last two laces on their shoes undone, tuck the loopy bow end under the shoe's tongue and tidy up the sides to create a minimalist look. If that approach doesn't sound very comfortable or sturdy to you, these tips will help you pair your sneakers with skinny jeans for a casual and carefree look:

  • Wear shoes with thin soles. There'll be less bulk to deal with.
  • Look for tinted soles. You'll lose that white bottom layer for a more streamlined look.
  • Drop the eyelets and laces in favor of slip-on shoes. They'll still be functional, but look sleek and sassy.
  • Go for a low profile shoe that hugs your foot, especially if your figure can't be described as willowy or waiflike. That's most of us, so don't feel singled out.

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