Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans

Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans: Boots Are Made for Walking
Ankle boots can add glamour to skinny jeans and work best if they're the same color family as your jeans.
Ankle boots can add glamour to skinny jeans and work best if they're the same color family as your jeans.
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If the skinny jean had a sole mate, it would be the boot. From a practical perspective, tight-fitting jeans lose the extra folds of material that can make some boot styles look sloppy or even like an afterthought. They also angle to a nice pair of boots like an advertisement for the crown prince of elaborate footwear. All boots aren't created equal, though. Boots come in a range of heights, heel lengths and styles, and choosing wisely will balance your shape in skinny jeans and show your legs to the best advantage:

  • Ankle boots - Also called booties, ankle boots can add glamour to skinny jeans. They tend to truncate the leg if they aren't a monochromatic choice for your outfit. If you're already tall, that probably won't be a problem, though. The term ankle boot is a bit of a misnomer here. The tops of these short boots can hit from just above the ankle to four inches or so higher up the leg. The shorter the ankle boot, the less foreshortening its effect will be on a petite or ample figure. Ankle boots with higher heels are somewhat more figure flattering than flat styles, and an uncluttered boot will help create a longer silhouette, too.
  • Mid-length boots - One of the harder boot lengths to wear with most clothing is the mid-calf or mid-length boot. It tends to make a woman's legs look shorter and emphasize her hips and thighs. For slender, tall women, this can showcase a lean build. If this is you, a slouchy boot with a little extra leather or suede (or a cuff) as part of the styling can look dramatic. For the rest of us, a longer or shorter boot style is usually more flattering.
  • Tall boots - This works with almost any body type and is a natural for balancing a full figure. Tall boots are also slimming and tend to break up the body "shape" emphasis of skinny jeans to focus more on style and less on anatomy. If you're breathing a sigh of relief, you're not alone.

There's another unexpected advantage to wearing skinny jeans with a pair of boots. If your jeans are a bit long in the leg and tend to bunch around your ankles, a boot will cover the extra fabric, so no one will ever know.