Guide to Finding the Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans

Best Shoes for Skinny Jeans: Respect Your Figure

Here's the reality: Women with tall, straight, boyish or "coltish" figures look great in skinny jeans, leggings and just about anything else that benefits from an angular silhouette. Long, lean women were made for skinny jeans. Their minimal curves require less of a balancing act top to bottom. It's no accident that models are tall and thin. Those clean lines emphasize the clothes because there are fewer figure features to get in the way.

You don't necessarily have to be rail-thin to wear skinny jeans but it helps. Well, seriously, the look isn't that unforgiving. To pull it off when you have hips and a bust worthy of lacey undies, you need to create an outline that balances your hips, thighs and bust line. This is usually accomplished with a longer or looser shirt, blouse or jacket (hoodie or sweater).

Another way to create balance is with your shoe choices. Don't scoff; this really works. Skinny jeans narrow to the ankle in a way that looks like they're pointing at your feet. The eye is drawn down, down, down until it lands on your tootsies and what you're wearing on them.

To make your hips less noticeable or deemphasize an ample bust line, use your footwear to advantage. If you're shorter or fuller, tall boots will balance your more bodacious assets. High heeled pumps will work, too, by making your legs look longer and more sculpted. If you're tall and slender, a simple shoe like a ballet flat will emphasize your long legs and narrow thighs. Even booties or mid-calf boots will work nicely if your legs are long enough.

These are just a few options. On the next pages, let's get to the heart and sole of skinny jeans to discover the best way to outfit your feet for this teeny-weenie fashion craze.