5 Essential Summer Accessories Men Should Have

Quick-change Pieces

Often, men and women have a cliché when talking about the opposite sex and how appealing it is when an individual can go from the beach to the board room to the ballroom effortlessly. In the summertime, it's very attractive to be versatile and open to opportunities to go from day to night without breaking for a full wardrobe change. Having a few pieces on hand, whether in the car or in a bag on the bike or boat can take your look from jet-ski to jetty restaurant in a few simple steps.

Adding a simple but clean polo or button down linen shirt over your day shorts, tucking it in and adding a canvas belt is one option, and going from flip-flops and shorts to white bucks and trousers is another. Flexibility and an openness to keep the summer days as long, varied and full as possible is one of the best and most essential accessories a man can wear.

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