5 Essential Summer Accessories Men Should Have

Sunglasses and Hats
Every guy needs a good pair of sunglasses.
Every guy needs a good pair of sunglasses.
Redd Room Studios/Getty Images

Sunscreen is more of a must-wear and less of an accessory in the summer, but some options for protecting yourself from UV rays include hats and sunglasses. Not only can glasses keep your peepers from sun damage, but they also can frame your face with an interesting shape or add color to your wardrobe. Frames come in a range of colors and metals, and lenses in blue, orange or multi-toned hues add another dimension to a look.

Hats -- from baseball caps to Panama straw toppers -- are always in fashion, and wearing them on the beach and throughout the day, even indoors, has been increasingly popular as an old-school but new-style way to accessorize. Hats also help protect the scalp, top of ears and forehead, some prime locations for overdoing sun exposure. One note on hats, though: A sweat-stained cap with a sports-team logo can be less of an accessory and more of a lazy way to keep your hair under wraps, but a crisp, clean and solid-colored cap can make a look more polished rather than devil-may-care.

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