5 Essential Summer Accessories Men Should Have

A Gadget or Two

Maybe you check the time on your phone or read paper books and newsprint, but accessorizing with gadgets isn't necessarily redundant. Picking a watch that reflects your lifestyle or draws attention for its fun functionality or design can pull your summer looks together. It's also a way to give the impression that you aren't tied to looking at your phone every few minutes while relaxing and soaking in the sunshine. It can be far easier to take furtive glances at a watch than a phone. Omega makes the official Olympics watch for 2012, a techy and popular option, and similar to the canvas belts, most any watch can have the band changed out to change looks for the summer or for different activities.

Other gadgets that aren't exactly fashion accessories but complement summer looks and lifestyles nonetheless are eReaders and GPS navigators. Having a book at hand no matter where you land, even if on the water, and having navigation at the ready for aimless days accessorize your look by showing your readiness to relax or be an adventurer.

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