5 Essential Summer Accessories Men Should Have

Canvas Belts

It's just smart shopping when you find a great fitting pair of shorts or summer pants to pick up several pairs in different colors. But how can you make khaki, navy, black or white look less neutral? Adding a canvas belt in solid colors, stripes or patterns changes the look of the slacks or shorts and keeps them from stretching out and sliding down as the day and heat wear on and fabric starts to give.

Wearing the same few pairs is less obvious and feels like less of a redo when you can pair a bright canvas belt with olive green shorts and a white shirt one day and a neon orange or yellow belt the next. A belt in a more subtle color also breaks up bright clothes, so wearing a white one with bright red or bold-patterned shorts works, as well. Belts also make it easy to go from untucked and outdoor casual to tucked in and "cleaned up," indoor ready without a full change of clothes.

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