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The Luxe Wrap

What's even better than comfy warmth? Comfy, fashionable warmth -- and it's easy enough to achieve with a luxurious wrap in a color that works with everything.

This truly is an essential. You'll wear it in, out and around, whether you're cold or not. In winter, it's a layer of warmth; in summer, it's a cover-up for sleeveless nights. It can make a strapless cocktail dress appropriate for a church wedding and turn a pair of jeans and T-shirt into stylish loungewear.

Silk-wool blends and lightweight merinos are beautifully soft and can cross seasons and occasions; cashmere, though, is as luxurious as it gets and adds elegance to everything it touches. We recommend a splurge.

In fact, splurge on any of these five essentials, if possible. When you wear it all the time, you want to love it -- and you want it to last.

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