Boot Guide

The Bold Bag

While great style is arguably essential, this accessory is undeniably so. Got a wallet and a phone? Looks like you need a bag. So why not make it a show-stopper?

We're not talking about the leather hobo you take to work. The essential, bold bag is a true accessory: It enhances and completes your look. This go-to bag might be a beaded, vintage-style frame bag that dresses you up; a pyramid-studded suede satchel that dresses you down; a big, bright-colored leather clutch that adds pop; or a double-duty, fringed, cross-body mini bag that cinches a billowy tunic and adds some texture.

Whatever it is, it should not only add something to your outfit, but also draw attention on its own. This could be your saving grace on a "fat day": Get 'em looking at what's hanging off your arm.

Next, one for the ages.

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