What are the worst summer jobs for teens?

Although a summer job may be your teenager's dream, make sure that it doesn't turn into a nightmare. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), every 10 days, a teen in the U.S. loses his life due to a work-related injury, and many thousands are hurt at work annually. According to the National Consumers League, the most dangerous jobs for teen are those in the agriculture sector, particularly those that deal with processing and field work. Many teens are killed by tractors, and some suffocate in grain or produce storage units, or meet their end at the hands of farm machinery such as corn pickers, feed grinders, or hay mowers [source: nclnet].

Teenage construction workers and teens who work at heights have five to seven times more risk of fatal injury than teens working at other jobs. Teens who fall off roofs or down elevator shafts, were electrocuted, or drowned in cement mixtures make up part of this statistic. Although federal law prohibits those under the age of 18 from operating a forklift, agricultural workers can use a forklift at an earlier age, and many teens who are too young to drive a forklift do so anyway and are killed as a result.

Another scary occupation for teens is joining a traveling youth crew to sell products door-to-door. Cases of teenagers who entered the home of potential customers and were later found murdered or sexually assaulted abound. The traveling arrangements made by the companies they work with include being crammed into a van that's driven by an unlicensed driver, and fatal van accidents are common. Landscaping and lawn work are hazardous jobs for teens, due to the sharp tools and machinery used. Finally, any job that requires a teen to be alone in a deserted place, especially at night, such as in a convenience store or gas station, has the possibility of leading to an encounter with a robber or rapist.

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