Is your teen too old to be grounded?

Parents who want to discipline or punish their teenagers have to realize that the most important aspect of dealing with teens is communication. Listen to your teens and trust them, but set limits that are understood and have to be adhered to, taking age into account. There should be consequences for breaking the rules, but these should be age-appropriate, as should the rules themselves. The rules have to be clear, and as everything else with teenagers, they should be discussed in open communication. The consequences should fit the rules, and should be set out ahead of time. Parents should have conversations with their teens about limits and restrictions so that any kind of disciplinary measure has an effect. Make your expectations clear to avoid conflict and misunderstanding.

One technique that works with both children and teenagers is grounding. Restricting teens to their room or home instead of letting them go out can be an effective measure if they don't keep to a curfew. When the punishment fits the crime, it has more of an impact. Technology has changed communication methods for teens. A modern way to ground teens is to keep them away from their digital media. Taking away their e-mail, cell phone or online social networking is another way of grounding them, since these activities are so much a part of their social world. Teens don't have to go out to be with their friends, and the world of digital technology keeps their friends at their fingertips. Digital grounding restricts their social life much like staying home on a Friday night does.




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