How do you find out if your teen is doing drugs?

Teenagers take drugs for a variety of reasons: to fit in socially with the crowd, as an escape from their pressured lives, or out of curiosity. Many kids experiment with drugs once or twice; however, if your child is taking drugs regularly, he or she could have an addiction that needs to be addressed. While some unpredictable behavior and moodiness are normal for teenagers, if you see a combination of signs that something is amiss, suspect your child might be taking drugs.

If you notice bizarre behaviors in your child or sudden deviations from his regular activities or personality, drugs could be involved. A sudden plummet in his grades with an indifferent attitude could imply that your teen has changed his priorities. A new set of friends with different interests is also a possible indication of drug use. Secretive behavior, avoiding answering questions directly or keeping objects strictly hidden is a sign that your teenager might be less than truthful with you since he knows you won't approve. Another reason to suspect your teen is involved in secretive, wrongful activities is if you find drug paraphernalia around the house, such as lighters, rolling papers, empty medicine bottles or pipes. Furthermore, since using drugs can be expensive, children who take drugs suddenly begin asking their parents for spending money regularly or steal household funds to support their habit.

The best way to find out if your teen is doing drugs is to ask him outright. Parents, who have developed an honest, warm relationship with their children, can speak to their teens openly about their concerns. But even in a household where children respect their parents' wishes, it's possible for children to get hooked unwillingly on drugs. Therefore, it should not be looked at as an embarrassment to be covered up; the goal is to help your child overcome his addiction as soon as possible.




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